Vision & Graft

Just like a lot of millennials I was thrown out of university into the real world without much guidance, having to find my feet in the middle of a recession. I took the risky path of freelancing in the film industry in London without much experience, working hand to mouth to pay my rent. Over the next decade I got so all consumed by being on the career treadmill that I forgot why I decided to be a filmmaker in the first place and my mental health and personal life slipped to rock bottom.

I needed to find a way out, be inspired again and learn how to build greater resilience to face the challenge of being my own boss - so I turned to the successful and incredible artists I was surrounded by and started Vision & Graft!

I'm Will Preisner, a freelance cinematographer & photographer and in Vision & Graft I'll be sharing the real stories behind extraordinary creative careers and discovering what effects these journeys can have on our mental wellbeing. Each episode features a new creative guest taking a frank and honest look at their career and the hurdles they've faced along the way. It's a go to source for inspiration, ideas and insights into how to develop resilience and take on life's challenges. So join me for the next episode of Vision & Graft - a career and resilience companion, hosted by Cinematographer & Photographer Richard William Preisner @rwpreisner.

Reach out to me on instagram or twitter @visiongraft or via the website